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The project

Lokalz, an innovative digital platform, aimed to provide exclusive discounts and benefits to employees in Saint Martin through their CSE (Comité d'entreprise). The challenge was to create a tailored solution for the local population that lacked access to such services. Lokalz needed a user-friendly platform that could efficiently connect employers and employees to a wide range of discounts, including those for restaurants, events, subscriptions, shops, and more.

The solution

To meet Lokalz's unique requirements, we embarked on creating a responsive and user-centric solution. Leveraging Figma designs crafted by the talented team at Nordsud, we translated their vision into an efficient Webflow website.

The key components of our solution included:

  1. Webflow Website: We designed and developed a dynamic Webflow website that served as the foundation for Lokalz. This website not only showcased the extensive catalog of discounts but also provided a seamless browsing experience for users.
  2. Intuitive User Experience: We focused on delivering an intuitive user experience. This involved streamlining navigation, ensuring quick access to discounts, and optimizing the overall user journey.
  3. Member Dashboard: To enhance user engagement, we implemented a member dashboard powered by Memberstack. This feature allowed users to easily sign in, access their personal profiles, and explore the catalog of offers available to them.

By combining creative design elements from Nordsud with our development expertise, we successfully delivered a comprehensive digital platform that met Lokalz's unique needs.

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