Webflow development

The project

La Mission Locale faced a challenge as it had been operational for a year without a digital presence. Tasked with serving the needs of individuals aged 16 to 25, the organization aimed to provide job opportunities, training, and personal support.

Since their target was the youth within the 16-25 age bracket who sought assistance, being more visible online became crucial. Streamlining their sign-up process and effectively displaying their offerings was the main focus.

The solution

In response to La Mission Locale's challenges, we developed a custom Webflow website that catered to their target audience while enhancing operational efficiency.

With a strong focus on user-friendliness, the platform enabled individuals aged 16 to 25 to effortlessly access information and utilize simplified online sign-up forms.

Additionally, we streamlined the process for companies to directly submit job offers on the website. Through seamless integration of an Airtable backend and Make automation, submitted job offers were securely stored for staff review. The staff's straightforward one-click approval process ensured the quality of listings before they went live.

This tailored Webflow solution not only established La Mission Locale's digital presence but also fostered smooth interaction between job seekers and employers, ultimately benefiting the local community.

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